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About Us

Providing Quality Catheters Since 1978

Medcomp® develops, manufactures, markets and supports cutting-edge vascular access devices and accessories to meet the clinical needs of the medical industry, particularly in the fields of interventional medicine and dialysis. Our company's engineering and applications expertise provides superior products whose progressive designs accommodate advances in medicine and whose quality anticipates the requirements of our professional clients and the patients they serve. Currently one of the world's largest manufacturers of dialysis and centrally terminating venous catheters, Medcomp is, and always has been, on the cutting edge of new vascular access device technologies.


    To be the leading solution provider for every customer we serve.

    To drive sustainable growth of our business through the continued investment in our people, technology and quality while delivering world class products and services.


    In everything we do, from research and development to manufacture, packaging, delivery and support, our first consideration is the patient. It is vitally important to us that whether he or she is young or old, indigent or wealthy, chronically ill or seeking a diagnosis or one-time treatment, receives the best that Medcomp can provide.

    We dedicate ourselves to supplying the highest quality, innovation and customer service with every device we sell.


    Medcomp was founded in 1978 to manufacture and market vascular access catheters for acute hemodialysis. At that time catheter designs were simple, consisting of a single lumen catheter for single-needle dialysis or double lumen catheters for continuous-flow dialysis. As the need for new products grew with the advent of increasingly complex procedures, Medcomp emerged as a premier developer of innovative devices using our in-house staff of engineers working in conjunction with some of the preeminent physicians in the field of nephrology and vascular access.

    Building on our pioneering Tesio®, Split Cath® and Duo-Flow® products, Medcomp continues to dominate the market in both new and proven dialysis, interventional and accessory devices. Today our contributions to the medical devices field total more than 70 product lines and thousands of distinct products, most notably and recently including the Pro-PICC® catheter and Dignity® ports, which are both CT injectable.

    In order to better support our professional clients, we began a successful transition in 2006 from a distributor-based sales system to a direct-sales force populated by highly skilled, clinically trained sales professionals. Medcomp is and will continue to be a stable, financially sound, privately held company wholly dedicated to the satisfaction of patients, its customers and its employees at every level.


    Medcomp's reputation and growth can be attributed to our diversely disciplined group of engineers specializing in biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering, collaboration with esteemed professionals, and readiness to listen to suggestions and comments from members of the medical community. By continually improving on existing technology, Medcomp is able to provide a catheter to suit every medical requirement while also considering the patient's comfort. Patients, physicians and nurses can rely on a Medcomp device to do its job.